Pups Available to Foster

Pups Available to Foster

While Pup Squad always needs puppy fosters and fosters for our mommas when they can be separated from their puppies, we also have other adult dogs who could use a foster. Dogs like these.


Gentry is one of our momma dogs. She was a very young momma. She was also not a big fan of people. When Pup Squad first rescued Gentry and her pups, she was terrified of humans.  She’s come a very long way since then. Now, she is ready for a foster home, so she can continue her journey. Given her background, Gentry does need a backyard, a sturdy fence and a doggy friend (or two).

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LuLu is a young lab mix with a significant enthusiasm for life. She’s crate trained, house trained and loves to play. She’d be a great companion to another active pup. She’d also be equally happy to play with active humans.

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Bronx is a special case. Bronx is a sweet, loveable lunkhead who loves hang out in the yard and watch the world goes by. (He prefers fences he can see through, LOL). Bronx likes walks and humans and some dogs.  He’s house trained, crate trained and fairly low-key. Also, Bronx has cancer. We don’t know how long he has left, but he’s doing well now and we want to make his remaining time as magical as possible.

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Ready to Start Fostering?

Great! The first step is to fill out our foster questionnaire and foster home agreement. After we receive your questionnaire a member of the Pup Squad team will reach out to you directly to coordinate matching you with a foster pup that best suits your environment and lifestyle.

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