Foster FAQs

Foster FAQs

Can I foster a dog if I live in an apartment?
Yes, so long as your pet deposit has been paid, and the dog you are fostering is suitable for apartment living.

Am I expected to bring my foster to adoption events every weekend?
The more events your foster attends, the better their chance of adoption. We don’t expect you to attend every weekend but we do ask fosters to bring their dogs to events on a regular basis.

Can Pup Squad provide me with food for my foster?
We cannot buy food for individual fosters but sometimes we receive food donations in which case we divide the donation up between our foster homes.

Can I take my foster to a dog park?
We ask that you exercise extreme caution in taking your foster to a dog park. If you have any reservations about his or her behavior around other dogs do not take that risk. Puppies should never go to dog parks because their immune systems are not fully developed.

What happens when I need to leave town on vacation or for business?
We have temporary fosters who can take care of your dog while you are gone. Just let your foster coordinator know and he/she can arrange a place for your dog to go during that time.

What happens if I’m no longer able to keep my foster?
We ask that you think very carefully when you agree to foster to make sure you can follow through with the commitment. Since we are an all-foster organization it is very difficult for us to find new foster homes for dogs in our program. However, we understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. If you absolutely cannot keep your foster any longer please contact your foster coordinator to discuss the situation.

Routine Care for Your Foster Pup:


Puppies need to be fed at least twice a day. Puppies under 8 weeks should be fed three times daily. We can provide a nutritional supplement for young pups or older dogs that are in poor condition.


Some puppies and dogs needs socializing and we recommend that you provide opportunities for him or her to be around new people and other dogs whenever possible. We also have trainers who are willing to work with our fosters so please let us know if you need additional help or advice on this issue.


The energy level of your foster will determine how much exercise he or she needs. We encourage you if possible to walk your fosters to provide them with exercise and accustom them to a leash.

Medical Care

Pup Squad provides all routine medical care for foster dogs including

vaccinations, deworming, heartworm prevention, spay/neuter surgery, and microchipping. Fosters are asked to transport their foster dog to vet appointments when necessary but Pup Squad pays for all pre-approved vet visits.

Foster Requirements:

To become an approved Pup Squad foster you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment for our animals
  • Be able to transport your foster to and from adoption events and vet appointments
  • Be willing to nurse an injury and/or illness with the understanding that sometimes, that injury or illness could result in death
  • Be able to keep your foster separated from your own pets if necessary

Ready to Start Fostering?

Great! The first step is to fill out our foster questionnaire and foster home agreement. After we receive your questionnaire a member of the Pup Squad team will reach out to you directly to coordinate matching you with a foster pup that best suits your environment and lifestyle.

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