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Pup Squad joins more than 500 dogs and pups with forever homes annually, and we LOVE to keep in touch! Nothing makes us happier than to hear from an adopter about how well their Pup Squad dog or pup is settling into their new home. We invite all our of Pup Squad adopters to send their Furrever Loved success stories to pupsquadadoption@gmail.com

Furrever Loved Success Stories

Mr. Wickham

Mr. Wickham

Mr. Wickham is a special boy! He was rescued with 6 of his siblings at just 5 days old. Their mama, Darcy (now Daisy), was roaming the streets and found a safe spot under an abandoned house to have her babies. A woman saw her around that house and noticed she was full of milk, so she knew there had to be a litter of puppies nearby. After several hours, she was able to get them all out, packed the whole family up, and took them home! They were all named after Pride and Prejudice characters and although his namesake wasn’t the best human, our Mr. Wickham is the most loving and docile boy ever. Every human that has met this dog thinks he is one of a kind and we do agree!



Penny is one of Pup Squad’s momma dogs. She came into the program in 2015 and had her puppies. Once they were all adopted it was Penny’s turn. She moved to a new foster to start her journey – but it turns out she was already home.



Kara’s momma was rescued a few weeks before she was born. She and her littermates were born with Pup Squad. It was apparent Kara was ..let’s say “full of personality” very early. She was adopted fairly quickly, but after about three weeks the family’s Boston Terrier had enough of her shenanigans. While her foster had no plans to add a second pup to her household, her dog, Petey, had other plans. Petey made it clear Kara needed to stay. Now, more than ten years later, they’re still BFFs – most of the time.




Special Needs

Run Free, Peter

Peter was a very special soul – gone too soon.

Born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around his waist, Peter had limited use of his back legs. Initially,  we were optimistic we could change that, first with surgery, and then with therapy when surgery turned out not to be an option.  With a diligent team and two devoted foster family, Peter grew bigger and was even learning to use a wheelchair cart.  Sadly, after months of being a happy, mostly healthy pup he went downhill fast and we lost him. Peter may not have been us very long, but he made a huge impact on our hearts.   

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