Foster to Adopt

Furrever is a long time.

We offer a Foster to Adopt program to allow potential adopters and pups to take part in an extended in-home trial period to be absolutely sure they’re ready to say yes to forever together.

Our Foster to Adopt Program:

  • Allows us to cover any initial medical needs that present in the animals in our foster to adopt program.
  • Includes spay or neuter services for pups between 12 and 16 weeks (or within 60 days of adoption), and
  • One-on-one support from a Pup Squad adoption counselor, or the pet’s current foster.

As part of Pup Squad’s mission to reduce the overpopulation of animals in the Houston area, we are committed to spaying and neutering 100% of the dogs adopted out by our organization.

Furrever Loved

Penelope’s Story

Penelope was adopted as puppy and much loved by her family.  Unfortunately, sometimes life just takes a turn you don’t see coming and after many happy years, the best choice for Penelope was to return to Pup Squad.

Penelope arrived back at Pup Squad in 2020. She was a sweet, easy dog, if a bit quirky, but she was painfully shy with new people. Adoption events were stressful for her, so she didn’t go to many. But, one day, in the Spring of 2022, her foster decided to take her along. It was a beautiful day, the foster was staying, why not? Which turned out to be a momentous stroke of luck. A woman stopped by the Pup Squad area just to pet the pups. She wasn’t really looking for a dog, but she just fell for Penelope at first site. And, the feeling was mutual. Still, nobody got their hopes up, too high. Penelope was still very shy, and there were three kids at home. How would that work? Well, it worked beautifully. Penelope fell for the kids HARD, especially the youngest. It was almost instantaneous. Penelope’s foster who had known her almost two years, had never seen her like this. And now, Penelope is at the center of a happy, loving household – she’s never looked happier!

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