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Thank you for choosing Pup Squad Animal Rescue! We work hard to find the perfect home for all of the animals in our care, and every adoption allows us save additional pups.

Adoption Process 

  1. The first step is filling out an Adoption Application. Click the orange “Start The Application Process” button to the right and fill out online form.
  2. After reviewing your application, we will be in touch to discuss specifics about your situation and the pup you’re interested in adopting.
  3. Next we can arrange a time for you to meet your prospective new family member.
  4. If after meeting the pup in question, all parties agree to move forward, the next step is a sleepover. A sleepover typically lasts 3-5 days (although there is no minimum commitment) which gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and answer the questions: is this the right puppy (or dog) for you, is now the correct time to add a new pup to your family, etc.
  5. If everything goes well with the sleepover and all parties agree, you’ll sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee for your newest family member. The adoption fee is a $250 donation to Pup Squad. Pup Squad accepts cash and credit/debit cards for adoption fees.

Adopter Expectations

  • Agree to keep the dog on heartworm preventative for life
  • Agree to take the pet for annual vaccinations and check ups
  • Keep Microchip information up to date and accurate
  • Provide adequate food, water and exercise for the pet
  • Keep the dog inside the house for the majority of the time and not left outside overnight
  • Be willing to take the dog to training classes if necessary
  • Have the financial resources to provide necessary medical care for the pet
  • If renting or leasing, must abide by landlords terms and conditions, including payment of a pet deposit if required
  • Inform Pup Squad if for any reason adopter cannot keep the pet
  • Never surrender the pet to a shelter or other rescue organization
  • Understand that the dog may not be housebroken and commit to housebreaking the dog
  • Agree not to physically alter the pet in any way (dock tail, debark, crop ears, declaw)
  • Agree to abide by local licensing laws and other ordinances

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