Fosters are our lifeblood

Without our foster network we would not be able to achieve our mission of rescuing orphaned and nursing litters from the streets and shelters of Houston. The safest way to prepare our puppies and momma dogs for their forever homes is to place them in safe, loving, foster homes.

Considering Fostering? 

We’re so glad to hear it! The number of animals we can save is directly proportional to the number of foster we have supporting our mission. A few considerations as you embark on this journey with us:


Are you located within the greater Houston area, which would make it easier for you and your foster to attend adoption events? Or are you located a bit further out where you might be better suited to foster puppies who are too young to attend events or adult dogs undergoing heart worm treatments. Most importantly, is there a vet nearby should you need to take your foster for shots or medical care?

Type of Residence

The type of residence you live in will not prevent you from becoming a Pup Squad foster but it may determine what type of dog or puppy would be best suited to you. If you have a yard, is it secure? Do you have space to separate your foster from your own animals if needed?

For apartment dwellers: are there breed or weight restrictions? Will barking/playing/whining be a potential noise problem for your neighbors? Is there a pet deposit that you will need to pay? Apartments tend to be better suited to small adult dogs, while high energy dogs work better in a house with a yard where they can let off steam periodically.


If you are lucky enough to be home during the day then puppies will be a good match for you. If you work away from home during the day that doesn’t rule out puppy fostering. However you may need to make a trip home at lunch time to let puppies out. Some pups need more socialization and training than others. Some enjoy busy households with a lot of coming and going but others prefer a quiet, low key environment. We’ll work with you to match you with a pup that best suits your lifestyle.

Existing Pets

Many dogs adapt very well to having visitors in their home. However, some dogs prefer males and some females, some are fine with puppies but don’t do so well with other adults, and some prefer a high energy playmate to one that doesn’t want to interact with them. If you have cats or other pets you will want to take age, size and breed into account when deciding which foster dog will work for you. Our team can help you determine which foster pup(s) might best coexist with your existing pets.


Are your children old enough to know how to interact with a dog, especially one that may be timid or uncertain? Will they understand that the dog is only with you temporarily? Many of our fosters find that their children enjoy the experience as much as or more than they do, but fostering is not for every family.


For the most part fosters are asked only to provide food for their dogs, but this in itself can be expensive. You may also find that you need to purchase equipment such as a crate or playpen for your foster dogs. Pup Squad can provide equipment, and possibly food. Pup Squad will always assist with medical expenses for the pups in our program.

Ready to Start Fostering?

Great! The first step is to fill out our foster questionnaire and foster home agreement. After we receive your questionnaire a member of the Pup Squad team will reach out to you directly to coordinate matching you with a foster pup that best suits your environment and lifestyle.

Foster Requirements

To become an approved Pup Squad foster you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment for our animals
  • Be able to transport your foster to and from adoption events and vet appointments
  • Be willing to nurse an injury and/or illness with the understanding that sometimes that injury or illness could result in death
  • Be able to keep your foster separated from your own pets if necessary

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