Volunteer Guidelines

As we settle into our adoption venue here at Houston Pavilions, we are implementing some basic structure for all of us in order to make sure that all the animals are cared for while at the adoption center and all have an equal chance of finding the home they have been waiting on. Please note the following steps for volunteering:

  1. SIGN IN
    Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your shift is to start and go to our "sign in table." On the table you will note a place to sign in your name and the time you arrived, and there are name tags for you as well. As you complete the name tag, you will see some notes on the dogs that are our guests for the day. This information is to help you when dealing with the dogs throughout your shift. It might not necessarily be information that the public needs to see on the cages but should be disclosed when adopting the dog. Please take special note of any messages that include a dog aggressive dog or a very smart dog that has a history of finding a way out of cages or leashes.
    Once you have signed in and completed your name tag, please go and check in with the Lead Volunteer. The lead is the manager for that day - they will be wearing a bright orange Pup Squad t-shirt and will also have on a name tag noting their status as well. While there are usually many senior volunteers, committee members and board members at the location, it is up to the lead to make sure that everyone knows their volunteer duties for the day. If you are interested in becoming a lead volunteer with us, please let Stephy know. Her email address is stephyhill@gmail.com.
    Once the lead knows you are there they will assign you to one of the following duties:
    • * Adoption Counselor
      We like to have at least one person other than the lead that can help with adoptions. We have a group of people that are already trained to do this "job" and we will continue to use these people only for this job. If you are interested in learning more about becoming an adoption counselor, please let the lead know.
    • * Front Table Greeter
      This person will be at our front table where we have information about Pup Squad available for anyone that walks in. We want this person to welcome people to our adoption venue and let them know what we have going on and how it all works. You can hand them a brochure as well.
    • * Dog Care Specialist
      This is the main volunteer duty we have for you all to do at our events. The dogs and puppies will be under your care while you are there with us. If you are helping with the unloading of dogs, please watch for fosters pulling up to the curb to drop off dogs. Please take a leash or two out with you, in case they do not have one, to walk the dog inside to their designated crate. Please take a minute to get to know the dogs by reading the write ups on the cages as this will help you to answer questions the public might have. Further explanation of caring for the dogs and puppies will be given on another attachment.
    If someone inquires about adopting a dog, please get a clip board with an application and pen and have the person start to complete the application. If you are comfortable with walking the potential adopter through our adoption process, please do so until the lead or adoption counselor can come over to complete the process and sign off on it. If you are not comfortable with the adoption process at all, please alert the lead and they will take over as soon as they are free.
    At the end of your time please let the lead know that you are leaving so they can make sure that the area is covered. If another person is coming to take over your duty as a dog care specialist, it is always nice if you can give them a quick run down as to what has been accomplished with the dogs/puppies and anything you might have learned about the dogs/puppies that day. The more information you learn and share the better chance we have of fitting the dog and puppy in the right home! Please make sure you SIGN OUT with the time you are leaving!
    We will be doing awards each month for different things to show you all how much we appreciate having you at these events with us. We will start out with doing a "Volunteer of the Month" award as well as an award for the person who logs the most hours each month. With this being said, we cannot stress enough to you all how important it is to sign in and sign out each time you come to volunteer with us!
    Parking is available for our volunteers in the parking garage just past Polk St. on the right hand side of Fannin. We have parking vouchers we can give you so please just ask the lead for one! The Pavilions has public restrooms located on the 2nd level just on the opposite side of Fannin from our adoption location.

As you leave from your shift, know that your time has been very appreciated by not only Pup Squad and any adopters you have worked with, but by the dogs. The time you take to walk them, give them a treat or hold them means so much to them.

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