Adopter Expectations

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to adopt a Pup Squad animal. Pets will be matched with suitable adopters according to temperament, size, age and breed.

Adopters must:

  1. Agree to keep the dog on heartworm preventative for life
  2. Agree to take the pet for annual vaccinations and check ups
  3. Keep Microchip information up to date and accurate
  4. Provide adequate food, water and exercise for the pet
  5. Keep the dog inside the house for the majority of the time (dog will not be left outside at night and will be part of the adopter’s family)
  6. Be willing to take the dog to training classes if necessary
  7. Have the financial resources to provide necessary medical care for the pet
  8. If renting or leasing, must abide by landlords terms and conditions, including payment of a pet deposit if required
  9. Inform Pup Squad if for any reason they cannot keep the pet
  10. Never surrender the pet to a shelter or other rescue organization
  11. Understand that the dog may not be housebroken and commit to housebreaking the dog
  12. Agree not to physically alter the pet in any way (dock tail, debark, crop ears, declaw)
  13. Agree to abide by local licensing laws and other ordinances

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