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Pup Squad joins more than 500 dogs and pups in need with forever homes annually, and we LOVE to keep in touch! Nothing makes us happier than to hear from an adopter about how well their Pup Squad dog or pup is settling into their new home! Take a look below at some of our 'Furever Loved' success stories!

Honey, Now Bella!

Honey, now Bella!

Thank you so much for allowing Bella to join our family. We have gotten to know and love Bella in the last 2 weeks- initially there were a few bumps in the road (she was absolutely terrified of her new Daddy and would run across the room any time he made a move, and also had a few accidents here and there- whoops!) but I think she's getting used to us and she is quite the cuddle bug! :)



Mocha travels well (went to Colorado with us this summer) and we visited four dog parks along the way there and back- Ft Woof, Amarillo, Waco, and Wichita Falls. Mocha learned to swim in Alamosa, Colorado, and now she loves diving in the water and fetching a toy. She loved the clean, crisp air in Colorado and made lots of friends this summer. She is great with people and friendly with other dogs. Sleeps all night, loves long walks, and naps when we nap!


Ol' Army!

Ol' Army is doing awesome! He's growing really fast and I think he's going to be really big, but with a fantastic personality. I can't be happier.Thanks for all you guys do! Thanks for Ol'Army...my new best friend!!!



The pooch is awesome and livin it up here in the North East. We celebrated his 1yr birthday this week. He has really matured and is a perfect dog. He has been well trained and needs no leash. Totally amazing dog. We take him everywhere we go and is a great adventure buddy.


Belle, now Bella!

I wanted to let you know that things are going great with Belle in her new home! We go to the dog park a few times a week, and she’s finally learned to fetch! When I don't feel like cooking, we all go out to eat at dog friendly restaurants. Everybody loves her everywhere we go because she’s so well behaved and sweet. Overall, we are doing great!


Crockett, now Buster!

If you remember, we adopted Crockett, now Buster, from you in the Fall. He's grown in leaps and bounds, and we thought you may enjoy seeing him. He's around 60 lbs now. He's very sweet, if a bit sneaky - he's nickname is Chester Chewy - we love him so much. He and our older dog, Chloe, are best friends. Always together, cuddled up.



Tatum is 4 months old today. She is the best dog and I cannot tell you how much we love her. She is sweet, smart and full of personality. She went on her first road trip to Wimberley and was perfect in the car and the hotel. She walks well on a harness and loves to explore. She loves her toys (especially ones that squeak), her bath, her crate, company, car rides, playing with the cats and the rabbit, having fun with our sons and running in the backyard. She is very close to perfecting her potty training. She is very sure of herself and is happy. She is very special!!

Gracie, Now Maxie!

Gracie, now Maxie!

Maxie's been growing like crazy...all legs and a very sleek body. She's slowly turning into an adult. Let's say that I can now start filling in the holes she dug in the backyard..LOL To us she is the perfect dog. She is super obedient and reliable in responding immediately, very bright, friendly but protective (with a deep bark), silly and has recently been bonding with my fellow soccer moms. She took my chair when I had to leave for a min. She cracks me up.

Ms.Staypuff, now Birdie!

Ms. Staypuff, now Birdie!

Ms. Staypuff is wonderful! We named her Birdie but we still call her Ms. Staypuff sometimes. My husband has taken to calling her Sweaters because she looks like she's wearing a sweater. We love her soooooooo much and she and Finny, our big dog, are best friends.



I was having a really rough year. I was living with friends, saving money to get a place of my own. I saw Polly on Petfinder and BEGGED my best friend's boyfriend to let me adopt her. I know he didn't want another dog in his house, but he said yes. Since then, she has changed my life. She was right there with me through some really tough times and I stayed strong thanks to her adorable, loving, playful nature. She's my first dog and the best decision that I've ever made. She is my heart and she will always have the best of everything. There is no doubt that she rescued ME.

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